Food Unwrapped - Airfield Food Series

Discussion: Food Packaging – it’s effect on people, their pockets and our planet

Date: Thursday 6th September 2018 – 2-5pm

Venue: Airfield Estate

Limited tickets available – Full Price €20/Students €10

Food Unwrapped, will explore the relationship between food packaging and the consumer. Speakers will be focusing on the current trends in food packaging, the advancements in technology to provide better shelf life, product information and increased sustainability, as well as exploring what the food packaging of the future might look like. The event will also ask how both brands and consumers can best utilise these technologies to enable better food choices to benefit themselves, their pockets and the environment.

Now in its second year, the Airfield Estate FOOD SERIES offers an independent, impartial space to nurture debate, discussion and dialogue around all aspects of food in modern daily life. The overall aim is to gather together a diverse, informed food industry community to challenge organisation, brand and consumer narratives and examine our policies and actions as a nation with regards to the food we grow, sell, buy and consume.

Event Speakers;

John McKenna - Bridgestone Guide

AnneMarie Boland – FSAI

Niall Toner – Sunday Times

Rose Costello - Irish Times

Colm Munnelly – Repak

Alan Gormley - GS1

Enda O’Dowd – NCAD