Food Unwrapped - Airfield Food Series

Discussion: Food Packaging – it’s effect on people, their pockets and our planet

Date: Thursday 6th September 2018 – 2-5pm

Venue: Airfield Estate

Food Unwrapped, explored the relationship between food packaging and the consumer. Speakers focused on the current trends in food packaging, the advancements in technology to provide better shelf life, product information and increased sustainability, as well as exploring what the food packaging of the future might look like. The event also asked how both brands and consumers can best utilise these technologies to enable better food choices to benefit themselves, their pockets and the environment.

Now in its second year, the Airfield Estate FOOD SERIES offers an independent, impartial space to nurture debate, discussion and dialogue around all aspects of food in modern daily life. The overall aim is to gather together a diverse, informed food industry community to challenge organisation, brand and consumer narratives and examine our policies and actions as a nation with regards to the food we grow, sell, buy and consume.

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Event Speakers;

John McKenna Headshot

John McKenna - Mckenna's Guide - Event

John McKenna has written about Ireland’s food culture for almost thirty years and has won many national and international awards for his work, including the André Simon Special Award. He is the curator of the annual The 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland, published since 1992. The Wall Street Journal described him as “Ireland’s most authoritative food writer”. His latest book is “Ireland The Best”.
AnneMarie Boland FSAI Headshot

AnneMarie Boland – FSAI

Anne-Marie Boland is a Senior Technical Executive in Regulatory Affairs with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI).  Prior to joining the FSAI in 2000, Anne-Marie worked in the hotel and catering industry in Switzerland, Australia and London.  Initially, involved in enforcement policy within the FSAI, Anne-Marie has for the past number of years been responsible for the monitoring of new EU food legislation. With an expertise in European and Irish food labelling legislation, she attends EU food labelling working groups in Brussels on behalf of the FSAI and provides technical advice in this area to government departments and enforcement officials.  She has been involved in the development of a number of FSAI eLearning courses and manages the legislation content on the FSAI website.

Twitter @FSAIinfo

Niall Toner Journalist Headshot

Niall Toner – Sunday Times

Niall Toner is the lifestyle editor of the Sunday Times Irish edition, tasked with editing the paper’s 32-page Sunday section covering food, travel, motoring, tech and living. He has 25 years of experience as a journalist writing on music, theatre, property, food, travel, news and features. He lives in Dublin.

Twitter @Nialltoner ‏

Rose Costello Journalist Headshot

Rose Costello - Irish Times

Rose Costello is a journalist with more than 20 years’ experience here and abroad. She has worked with the Sunday Times, Sunday Business Post and The Irish Times among other publications. She also contributes to radio shows.

With her current series on Reading Food Labels for The Irish Times, she has set out to demystify for everyone the words and symbols seen on food packaging. Her aim is to let people know how much power they have as consumers to effect change if they wish.

Twitter: @RamblinRoisin

Alan Gormley GS1 Headshot

Alan Gormley - GS1

Alan Gormley joined GS1 Ireland in January 2010 and works as one of GS1’s technical experts in relation to all Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), data sharing (EDI, master data and data synchronisation) as well as solutions incorporating EPCIS.

Alan works as a liaison between industry and GS1 and supports initiatives to bring GS1 standards-based solutions to market, in line with Member needs. Collaborating with solution providers nationally and globally, Alan works in numerous industries such as healthcare, aerospace and retail to help implement GS1 Standards for traceability, patient safety and efficiency driven solutions. Alan’s specialities include barcode quality, verification and process improvement. Alan participates in numerous global working groups to develop supply chain standards for multi-industry use.

Alan holds diplomas in both process and polymer engineering, in addition to a Bachelor’s Degree from University College, Galway (NUIG) and a Master’s Degree from Trinity College, Dublin.

Twitter @GS1

Colm Munnelly - Repak Headshot

Colm Munnelly - Repak

Colm Munnelly is Repak’s Membership Manager and also manages Repak’s Packaging Waste Prevention Programme. He advises manufacturers and retailers on Packaging Optimisation and Packaging Waste Prevention initiatives, both in-house and on-site.

Colm is also a member of the Irish Packaging Society and helps to deliver the Irish Packaging Diploma with the Design Print and Packaging Skillnet each year. He holds an MSc in Packaging Technology from Loughborough University and is a Chartered Scientist and Environmentalist with the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

Prior to joining Repak Colm worked in industry as a packaging technologist. His focus was on managing all aspects of packaging from initial design, through use, recovery and disposal.

Colm’s presentation will look at where packaging is generated and how it is used today. By examining our current use of packaging he will explore what the possibilities are for change in the future. This will form part of the debate on the future of food packaging and the consumers’ interaction with it.

Twitter @RepakRecycling

Enda O'Dowd NCAD Headshot

Enda O’Dowd – NCAD

Enda O’Dowd is a lecturer in Product Design at the National College of Art and Design and course coordinator for the MSc in Medical Device Design. With a background in materials and engineering, he specialises in applying science and technology to design questions. Helping designers use technology to develop innovative, human-centered products.

Enda has a particular interest in sustainability in relation to products and packaging. In particular the question of how we move from the linear economy to a circular one and how we design systems to support this.

Twitter @endaodowd