Parents First Aid Course

Parents First Aid is Ireland’s fastest growing first aid course offering a 2-hour practical training course specially designed for Parents and Carers of Children. In this hands-on session, you will learn life-saving techniques from our highly qualified and experienced first aid training professionals.

The main topics covered are:

  • Activation of emergency services
  • CPR
  • Choking
  • Burns & Scalds
  • Asthma
  • Bleeding & Fevers
  • Meningitis
  • plus more on request from participants.

The Parent First Aid course is an Interactive hands-on session. Our team of qualified trainers are highly experienced and bring the most up to date first aid training skills to the class.

Date: 16th October

Cost: €40

The biggest fear for a parent is not knowing what to do in a medical emergency so this course will help give you the skills to remain calm and use the techniques learned from this 2 hour Parent First Aid session.