Airfield Estate Food Series

The Consumer - Your Food, Your Choice??

Thursday May 3rd, 1.30pm to 4.45pm, The Hive at Airfield Estate. Very limited availability. Tickets €20 / Students €10 

We are hosting the third event of the AIRFIELD ESTATE FOOD SERIES, on Thursday, 3 May. The event aims to generate discussion, debate and dialogue on what influences consumer food choices in the supermarket….what they buy and why they buy it?

We’ll explore consumer food choices in Ireland today following three distinct tracks and conversation styles:

Discussion: What do we buy and why? We want to establish how the consumer is affected and influenced and how this effect has translated into the real life actions of the buyer. How has retail embraced the consumer and their attitudes, what is the actual psychology behind these attitudes and what does the statistics actually show us about what our spending habits are.

Debate: How can we buy better? We will aim to decode the effects of marketing and retail product positioning, discussing where to go for trusted information so that consumers can make food choices that are better for people, planet and pocket. Who’s looking out for the consumer and why?

Dialogue (invitation only): Closed session with invited guests to create dialogue around collaborative ways we can interact with the consumer so that they can make more sustainable food choices.

Outline of the event



This will take place in the Hive at Airfield Estate with tea and coffee on arrival


Welcome by Grainne Kelliher CEO Airfield Estate


Discussion: What do we buy and why? (Is our food our choice?)

Intro by moderator Philip Boucher Hayes – followed by a short film on consumer habits

Speaker 1: TBC

Speaker 2: Robert Flavin, Strategic Planning Director, Visualise

Speaker 3: Dr. Cliodhna Foley-Nolan, Director, Human Health and Nutrition, SafeFood

Open floor to questions




Debate: How can we buy better?

Speaker 4: Conor Pope – Journalist, Irish Times

Speaker 5: Sarah Keogh – Dietician & Nutritionist,

Speaker 6: Odile Le Bolloch – Resource Efficiency Unit, EPA

Open to floor for questions




End of public session


Dialogue (invitation only): Closed session

Get to know our speakers

The Consumer - Your Food, Your Choice??

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