Airfield Estate Food Series

What is the Airfield Estate Food Series and why are we doing it?

The Airfield Food Series was established in 2017 with 2 aims in mind. The first was to build a community with the widest possible stakeholder group concerned with food, farming, and the land. The second was to inform Airfield’s future strategic direction and desired impact. We see Airfield as a neutral ground where stakeholders can come together and generate discussion, debate, and dialogue on all aspects of food in our lives today.

The next event will take place on Thursday 6th September 2018, Food Unwrapped will explore the relationship between food packaging and the consumer in an afternoon of discussion, dialogue and debate between the public, academia and industry.

Our Food Series Journey to Date

Our first event, titled ‘The Irish Foodscape 1916-2016’ presented how food evolved in Ireland under the headings fo policy, land and the consumer. One of the big messages from the event was the growing knowledge gap around food in Ireland.

This then informed our next event which was titled Food Literacy: Unearthing the Knowledge Gap. We examined the existing gap in food education, its consequences and we also explored some international examples of how the food knowledge gap was being addressed. This then led us to focus on the consumer and their own knowledge gap, particularly when it comes to choosing food in the supermarket.

The title of our third event, The Consumer: Your Food, Your Choice?? saw us examine the food we buy, why we buy it and how we buy it better in the future and to us, buying better means better for our budget, better for our health and better for our environment.

The fourth installment, Food Unwrapped will take a look at food packaging – it’s effect on people, their pockets and our planet.

Take a look at our previous Airfield Estate Food Series

The Irish Foodscape, 1916 – 2016’

The first of the Airfield Estate Food Series sessions focused on ‘The Irish Foodscape, 1916 – 2016’, an exploration of how food in Ireland has evolved and diversified throughout the century.

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Food Literacy: Unearthing the Knowledge Gap

This event focused on where Ireland is at in terms of its food education, what’s planned, where the gaps are and what is happening elsewhere in the world.

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The Consumer: Your Food, Your Choice??

The event aims to generate discussion, debate and dialogue on what influences consumer food choices in the supermarket….what they buy and why they buy it

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