Big Builds

With vast open spaces to choose from – paddocks, fields and beautifully manicured lawns and gardens, along with award-winning food straight from our 38 acres, an Airfield bespoke build combines the best of everything the estate has to offer.

Think stretch tents, tepee style pavilions, purpose built gazeboes for up to 3,000 guests and you’ve the perfect venue for big events that excel in all the little details.

We’ve hosted drinks in the house followed by dinner in the field (albeit in a rather amazing tent!)

Enjoyed receptions in the Walled Garden followed by a BBQ and dancing.

There's even been a giant Ferris Wheel and old fashioned games in The Barn and Barn Field.

All we ask is that if you have a large event to plan, don’t see us as one thing. We’ll link things together for you; field to plate, people to people, history to the present, culture to the experience and the past so it can be harnessed to deliver memories today and for tomorrow.

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