From Scratch Essentials: Kitchen Basics Course


    Unleash your culinary potential with our first 4-week course, designed to help you learn the building blocks of cooking from scratch at home. Join us for four evenings of kitchen mastery where you'll gain essential skills and knowledge to cook with confidence. Tickets are available for either individual evenings, or together as a four-week course on Tuesday evenings in October. Let us take you on a fun and interactive journey, focusing on the fundamentals of cooking, all while using our own sustainable produce and celebrating seasonality.

    Week 1: Knife Skills & Vegetables
    Slice and dice like a pro as we delve into Basic Knife Skills. Master different cuts and techniques while creating savoury stocks and soups. Put your skills to the test by crafting a delightful vegetable tagine and a comforting seasonal vegetable soup.
    Week 2: Egg-citing Creations
    Eggs, the true mark of culinary skill! Learn the art of poaching the perfect egg and explore versatile egg-based recipes. Whip up a seasonal vegetable frittata and indulge in a divine chocolate mousse.
    Week 3: Roast & Poach Poultry
    From roasting to making a rich stock, our focus shifts to poultry perfection. Discover the secrets of spatchcocking a chicken for roasting while minimizing food waste, and learn how to use leftovers to make a deliciously rich chicken stock. Elevate your cooking with poultry-based dishes that are sure to impress.
    Week 4: Sear & Fry Savory Meats
    Put your pan-frying and sautéing skills to the test with succulent pork and beef. Utilize your Week 1 knife skills to whip up a tantalizing ginger beef stir-fry and pork chops with a mustard sauce. Dates: Tuesdays (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th) in October Times: 6:30 pm - 9 pm Price: €300 / €270 for annual pass holders for the full four weeks OR €80/€72 for annual pass holders for tickets for individual weeks Suitable for ages 18+ Classes led by the culinary maven Lisa Davies, whose passion for real ingredients and seasonal eating shines through her teachings. Join the fun on Instagram @SaspanSospan!



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