Essential Cooking Skills – 4 week course


    Adult Essential Cooking Skills – 4 week course |Wednesdays 6.30pm – 8.30pm | 11th May, 18th May, 25th May and 1st June

    This hands-on, skills-based series covers the skills that home cooks need to take their culinary education to the next level. Each week we'll focus on different cooking techniques so that you will develop the confidence to cook more at home. These sessions build on the skills learned each week, however, you can book for all four classes or any class that is of interest to you.

    Week 1 - 11th May : Knife Skills & Vegetables Techniques - €60/€54

    Knife skills are at the heart of chef safety and efficiency in the kitchen. In this class, you will learn the difference between a dice and a julienne. We will cover different ways of cooking vegetables, such as braising and how to season correctly. You can then put this into practice as we make a delicious seasonal soup and a Moroccan tagine with chickpeas and vegetables.

    Week 2 - 18th May: Chicken Technique – €65/ €58.59

    Chicken is on the menu. This class covers different ways of cooking chicken: stock making, how to spatchcock a chicken, poaching and pan roasting chicken breasts. We will make braised chicken with mushroom sauce and Vietnamese shredded chicken and cabbage salad.

    Week 3 25th May: Egg Techniques – €60/ €54

    This class will cover all egg basics such as separating, whisking and poaching. We will put this into practice by making the perfect poached egg, a vegetable frittata, and a dark chocolate mousse.

    Week 4 - 1st June: Beef & Pork Techniques – €69/ €62.10

    We will cover different cuts, searing, browning, rubs and braising. To put this into practice we will make a pan-fried steak with red wine pan sauce and pork with an apple mustard sauce..

    Tickets for all 4 classes are €270/ €243 for annual pass holders



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