Planting for Pollinators | Gardening Workshop

Interested in turning your garden into an urban oasis for pollinators of all shapes and sizes?

Join Seán Paul, Airfield Estate’s Craft Gardener, as he explores this fascinating topic on the interaction of plants and insects and how this crucial interplay ensures the resilience of our environment.

Dive deep into the roles pollinators play in biodiversity richness, food production and of course aesthetic value. Seán Paul will look at the best plants to plant in your own garden to encourage this extravagant life into your neighbourhood and will also give a structured planting plan that will allow you to have available nectar in your garden all year round.

Seán Paul will also give a short guided tour of Airfield Estate’s organically-grown gardens, highlighting the many plant species and structures that we have that play a supporting role for increasing the abundance of pollinators in the Dundrum area.

Topics Covered:

  • Why pollinators and plants need each other.
  • Why are pollinators so crucial for the living environment?
  • Choosing plants for pollinators throughout the year.
  • Creating structures for pollinators and why.
  • A plant walk in the Airfield gardens.

If you like flowering trees and plants and want to learn more about the living space they reside in or you want to create a thriving ecosystem out of your own back garden, this workshop is for you.

Date: Saturday 8th June

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (2 hours)

Location: Airfield Estate

Also included in your ticket:

  • A hot drink (we encourage you to bring your own reusable mug if you have one!)
  • A packet of Wildflower meadow seeds

Seán Paul Bio
Seán Paul has set up a new community garden in the Airfield Estate and is inspiring others to make a positive change for the land and the planet through his wide range of experience and passion for native plants, biodiversity, people and environmental science.

Workshop suitable for adults (18+ yrs). Please bring a notebook and pen for taking notes. All other materials and tools for the workshop will be provided.


Planting for Pollinators | Gardening Workshop

Event Information

  • Event Date & Time:

    Saturday 8th June | 10 am to 12 pm

  • Location:

    Airfield Estate

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