Vegetable Gardening for All Seasons

Step into the world of homegrown produce with the “Vegetable Gardening for All Seasons” course at Airfield Estate, Dublin. Designed for those with a bit of gardening know-how, this 2-hour hands-on workshop provides a comprehensive guide to starting and maintaining a vegetable garden throughout the year. Learn to grow your own vegetables, regardless of the season, using sustainable practices.</>

With “Vegetable Gardening for All Seasons,” you’re not just planting vegetables; you’re cultivating a year-round passion for sustainable living. Join us and grow your green thumb!

Course Highlights:

Seasonal Planting Guides: Learn what to plant and when, to ensure a year-round harvest.

Soil Preparation and Care: Discover the basics of soil health and preparation for different vegetable crops.

Seed Starting and Transplanting: Gain hands-on experience starting seeds and learn techniques for successful transplanting.

Sustainable Practices: Understand the importance of crop rotation, companion planting, and organic pest control.

Harvesting and Storage Tips: Find out how to harvest your vegetables and the best ways to store them for longevity.

Who Should Attend: This course is ideal for anyone interested in starting their own vegetable garden at home. Whether you have a small patio or a larger space, this beginner-friendly course will help you get started.

What You’ll Gain: Participants will leave with practical knowledge on how to grow vegetables in their own space throughout the year. You’ll also understand the fundamentals of sustainable gardening practices, enabling you to grow healthy food for your table.

What to Bring: Please bring a notebook and pen for notes, and a pair of gardening gloves and boots if you wish to participate in any hands-on activities.


Vegetable Gardening for All Seasons

Ticket Price:


€45.00 for annual pass holders


Event Information

  • Event Date & Time:

    Sunday 24th March | 10 am - 12 pm | €50 / €45 for annual pass holders

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