Overends Kitchen Takeout

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    Our talented chefs have been creating a new takeout concept for you to enjoy over the next few weeks.

    Each week a member of the kitchen team will curate a menu based on their favourite cookbooks using ingredients from the Estate.

    Our team will also include recipe cards in each takeout box for you to recreate the tasty dishes at home. This week's menu is collated by Sandy Cole! Sandy's book of choice is On Vegetable by Jeremy Fox.

    Sold Out

    Menu for collection Friday 4th December

    From On Vegetable by Jeremy Fox

    Meal for 1 €20, for 2 €40, for 3 €58, for 4 €76.

    Sumac Yogurt & Carrots (dairy)
    Rustic Yellow Eye Bean Soup

    Mushroom conserva, ricotta and gochugaru (dairy)
    Fennel, feta chilli and oregano (dairy)
    Parsnips, garlic butter, celery and dukkah (nuts hazelnuts, egg)
    Flatbreads (gluten wheat, dairy)

    add on extra - Jacob's Lamb €8pp
    Jacobs lamb kebab skewers and Preserved lemon sauce

    Dessert - optional add on €6pp
    Ploppenschmear - parsnip cream, meringue and citrus fruits (eggs, dairy)

    Additional note: This menu is vegetarian & can be gluten friendly, just give someone else the flatbreads.

    Sold Out

    Collect at your selected time between 5-6 pm from Airfield Estate.

    Unfortunately Due to the limited number of staff in the kitchen adaptions and substitutions of the menu are not available


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