Taste the Island

At Airfield Estate, we’re part of The Taste the Island story. For us, it’s important to keep our food as local as possible. We use seasonal ingredients because we love how nature changes the palate of what we eat as the months go by. We have beautiful green fields, pastures and seas close by, and we love to support local growers, small farmers and local fishermen. When we’re planning menus, our dishes are built using these quality ingredients. This means you’ll be getting a true Taste the Island experience when you eat here.

Farm to Fork

Overends Kitchen is where we bring you the true taste of Airfield, turning everything we grow and farm on the Estate into seasonal dishes that leap off the plate with colour and flavour.

Farm to Fork

Taste the Island Events

Wine on Deck: Festive Edition

Wine on the deck is a collection of evenings featuring selected wines and seasonal plates from the Overends Kitchen. Reservations are suggested due to limited availability, however, walk-ins are welcome.

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