The Princess & Uncle T at Airfield Estate

This Halloween immerse yourself in the fictional spooky love story of ‘The Princess and Uncle T’ at Airfield Estate.

Discover the tale of two sisters, their beloved Uncle Tommy and his princess fiancé in a transformed Victorian/colonial Scarefield House where there will be story-telling, crafts and lots of spooky fun along the way!

Pre-booking is required for “The Princess and Uncle T”.

Once you get here, you’ll need to purchase a regular day ticket on the gate before attending the Halloween Event, or if you’re a member it’s free admission!

Spaces are limited so pre-book now before they’re all gone!


What is the Airfield Halloween event this year?

Our Halloween event this year is the spooky, semi-fictional, Airfield love story of ‘The Princess and Uncle T’, told by our costumed, in-character guides as they lead you through the creepily-decorated Airfield House.

When will it be running?

It will be running daily from the 27th October to the 4th November.

How much does it cost?

The event itself is free, but spaces are limited and will need to be booked in advance. Regular admission prices to the estate apply (€10 for adults, €5 for children, members in free)

Do I need to book a ticket?

Yes, space is limited, and slots can be pre-booked online, over the phone, or at our ticket desk.

What are the time slots?

The time slots and their availability can be found on our website. They will be every 45 minutes from 10AM, with the last group beginning at 3.15PM.

How many people will be in each group?

Each group will consist of a maximum of 30 people, which includes all adults and children. All adults and children will need to have booked a ticket.

How long will the experience take?

The experience will take approx. 45 minutes. You must be at the check in point at the door to Scarefield House 5-10 minutes before your booked time.

Can I dress up?

Yes! We encourage attendees to dress up, but remind them that costumes and accessories must adhere to our regular terms of entry, which can be found in full on our website. These include no balls, scooters, or bikes on site.

What age groups is it suitable for?

The event will be child-friendly, although guests of all ages are welcome to join.

Will it be scary?

As it is a Halloween event, we will try to create a spooky atmosphere. We do aim to be child-friendly, however some children may find it scarier than others.

Can we leave during the guided story?

Yes, if you decide to leave once the story has begun that is no problem. However, bear in mind that you will not be able to re-join the group once you have left.

What if I miss my booked timeslot?

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate latecomers or those who miss their timeslot, however we will do our best to move you to another timeslot or date depending on availability.

Please let us know if you are unable to attend your booked timeslot so that we can give the space to another visitor.

Will there be anything else happening on the estate?

Yes. There will be a free, drop-in kids corner in the Grey Barn from 11am – 3pm and face-painting available at a cost of €2. There is no pre booking required for this.

We will also have the below activities;

  • 10:00am Egg Collection, meet at the hen houses
  • 10:30am Jersey Herd Milking and Milk Tasting
  • 11:00am Calf Feeding
  • 3:30pm Animal Time

Will there be anything happening in the Woodland Walk, as in previous years?

No, this year our focus will be mainly on Airfield House. This means that the event will not be affected by poor weather.