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Airfield is not just a beautiful place with a remarkable history, it’s a social and charitable hub, investing in people and initiatives that reach every corner of our community. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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    Home to the Overend family since 1894, Airfield was left in trust to the people of Ireland by Letitia and Naomi Overend in 1974, trailblazing sisters who understood the importance of being self-sufficient and sustainable – and not just with food. These ladies rolled up their sleeves to take on everything from farming and cattle trading to car maintenance.

    As local figures, they turned heads around Dublin, owning three cars at one stage (unheard of at that time). One of the cars happened to be a Rolls Royce, an investment they would only agree to if it came with a tow bar for transporting their Jersey cows, and a course on car maintenance so that the sisters could keep the car on the road for as long as they needed it.

    It was, however, their sense of community and a lifetime of charitable endeavours that the Overends are remembered for most. Tuned in to the social challenges of their time, they opened their hearts and home to some of Ireland’s most vulnerable, offering respite care to injured soldiers during two great wars, using their dairy herd and life-saving pasteurisation to donate to the safe milk depot, single-handily reducing infant mortality in Dublin, and funding The Sunshine Home for children with rickets – a charity better known today as The Laura Lynn Foundation.

    It’s acts like these and a million more since that have given Airfield its sense of purpose: a place where clean air, natural beauty, healthy food and a sustainable lifestyle can make a real difference in people’s everyday lives and inspire lasting change.



Today, the 38-acre estate is a fitting tribute, pushing the boundaries of what agricultural land can achieve and finding innovative ways to use the original family home, gardens, and award-winning restaurant to surprise and delight people of all ages.

As a team, we welcome people who share a passion for food and nature. With their help and the support of our partners, we run creative events and programmes, using food to help build life skills in children and offering adults of all abilities the opportunity to learn and socialise in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The Overends shared their home with the people who needed it most. Spurred on by that, the Airfield Trust ensure their legacy lives on and the estate always provides a warm welcome to visitors.




At Airfield, we are concerned with the effect that food production and consumption has on people, planet and pocket and how inaccurate and conflicting information around food is causing confusion for consumers.

We’re working to ensure that consumers understand the impact of their food choices on themselves, their families, society as a whole and, ultimately, the planet.

To do this we work within 4 strategic pillars.



Airfield is where we bring our mission to life and a valuable resource we use carefully to fund our charitable activities.


Use food data & tech solutions to nudge the consumer to make food choices that benefit people, planet & pocket.


Increase our reach and impact through accessible online and community engagement.


Work with other food-related charities to grow their reach and impact.

Our Mission - To inspire and enable people to make better food choices Because even small changes can be;

  • Better for health
  • Better value for money
  • Better for the environment


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