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The farm at Airfield is a perfect working example of environmentally sustainable agriculture in Ireland. We encourage visitors to explore, experience farm life up close and even get hands-on.

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  • The Animals
    The Animals

    We’re a working farm with a milking Jersey herd, as well as Jacob sheep, Oxford sandy black pigs, Saneen goats, Rhode Island red hens, chickens and donkeys to name but a few.

  • Food Production
    Food Production

    As a working farm, we raise all animals for use in Overends Kitchen. Using the best of farming practices and grass management, the farm at Airfield produces the very best in Irish meat.

  • Airfield Dairy
    Airfield Dairy

    Our Jersey herd is milked once a day as part of our commitment to sustainable farming. Our dairy allows visitors to watch the herd being milked, understand the pasteurisation process and taste the fresh, creamy milk we use across the estate.

  • How We Farm
    How We Farm

    With just over 20 Estate acres dedicated to farm use, grass and land management are critical to food production and producing our renowned creamy Jersey milk.

farmyard animals

We have sheep, pigs, goats and chickens to name a few and our placid Jersey herd are some of the most beautiful animals you’ll ever see.

Our hens – Rhode Island Red Hybrids, Legbars and Araucanas – ensure a constant supply of fresh eggs for Overends Kitchen. And a visit wouldn’t be complete without saying hello to our resident fostered donkeys – Conal and Carroll a much-loved pair from The Donkey Sanctuary, Cork.

farmyard animals

Daily Activities

Our animals don’t always do schedules, so activity times vary from time to time. Learn from our guides and watching our animals.

All of the daily activities are included with your admission ticket, and as a working farm what you see will always be different! Our animals move around regularly.

Outdoor activities will take place with max. 15 people. Activities will follow COVID guidelines and could be changed without notice. Please note egg collection will not take place in December.

  • Egg Collection 10:00 AM
    Egg Collection
    Meet at the hen coup
  • Jersey Herd Milking 10:30 AM
    Jersey Herd Milking
    Meet in the farmyard

Farm Events

Christmas Sides Demo Class

Discover the secrets of a stress-free Christmas as everything but the Turkey will be already made!

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Vegetarian Christmas Demo Class

In this class our chef will demonstrate have to make some really tasty vegetarian options for Christmas dinner.

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