Overends Kitchen

Our dining experience at Airfield is inspired by the visionary Overend Sisters and the 38 acre farm that they entrusted us with to produce honest, great tasting food. We believe the best food is wholesome, seasonal and sustainably produced. Our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced with milk, meat, fruit, veg and eggs coming from the Estate and a few local suppliers such as Higgins Sausages, Leinster Honey, McCabes Coffee and Gubeen Farmhouse. Overends is a place where we connect land and table, farmer and eater in an environment that is casual and engaging.

Our culinary lead, Luke Matthews alongside our talented kitchen team bring the Airfield Estate food ethos – GLAS to life.

G – Go with the seasons

L – Local for produce

A – Avoid food waste

S – Sustainably produced

A unique rural dining experience in an urban location……we look forward to your visit!

Email: ok@airfield.ie

Homemade sweet treats

Morning offering

Mixed seed scone 3

Raisin scone 3

Apple crumble muffins 3.5

Blueberry custard brioche 3

Cinnamon buns 3

Flapjacks 2.5


Lunch offering

Mini Paris brest 3.5

Treacle tart 5

Lemon lavender drizzle 3.5

Oatmeal cookie 2.5

Chocolate pistachio tart 5.5

Hazelnut orange biscotti 3 for 2

*Menu is subject to alterations

Wild Orchard Apple €2.50

Wild Orchard Orange €2.50

Seasonal Lassi       €2.50

Innocent Smoothie €2.00

Wild Orchard Lemonade €3.00

Wild Orchard Pink Lemonade  €3.00

Sparkling Apple    €2.50

Wicklow Wolf Arcadia, Kolsch Style Beer €4

Wicklow Wolf Lobo, Ipa €4

Still Water €2.40

Sparkling Water €2.40

*Menu is subject to alterations

Americano €2.80

Flat White €3.00

Cappuccino €3.20

Latte €3.20

Expresso €2.50

Hot Chocolate €2.80

Tea €2.30

Herbal Tea €2.60

Mocha €3.00

*Menu is subject to alterations

Spring Dining with Chef Robin Gill & Luke Matthews

The next in the series of culinary dining collaborations between internationally renowned Chef Robin Gill, and Airfield’s Luke Matthews. ‘Spring’ will be an extraordinary 7- course seasonal inspired menu, served up in Overends Kitchen.

Unique, vibrant, delicious dishes, created from the farm, lands and gardens of Airfield and the beautiful produce of local suppliers.

Gill will be exclusively previewing dishes from his forthcoming cookbook ‘Larder’, which is published by Bloomsbury on May 17 this year.

Date: Saturday May 5th

Times: 7.15pm, 7.45pm & 8.15pm,

Tickets €85