Overends Kitchen

Our dining experience at Airfield is inspired by the visionary Overend Sisters and the 38 acre farm that they entrusted us with to produce honest, great tasting food. We believe the best food is wholesome, seasonal and sustainably produced. Our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced with milk, meat, fruit, veg and eggs coming from Airfield and nearby producers we know and trust. Overends is a place where we connect land and table, farmer and eater in an environment that is casual and engaging.

We work with the seasons so our menu may differ slightly.

A unique rural dining experience in an urban location……we look forward to your visit!

Phone: 01 969 6641

Email: ok@airfield.ie

Overends Breakfast Menu

Shakshuka Eggs, Garden greens, smoked aubergine, Jersey yoghurt, linseed dukkah, toasted sourdough 10

Gubeen chorizo, Poached Eggs, Macroom buffalo ricotta, parsley, toasted sourdough 11.5

Chia Seed Porridge, Jersey milk, spiced apple, Jersey yoghurt, our own granola 6.5  

Airfield breakfast: Higgins sausages & bacon, fried spuds, house baked beans, charred garden greens 12.5

Any way eggs add 2

Flat Cap Mushroom, toasted sourdough, poached eggs, pickled walnuts, coolea, thyme 10 .5


Kids Menu Til 12

Overend Waffles, Cream 5.5

Boiled Egg, Sourdough 3.5


Mini breakfast: higgins sausage, fried potato and beans 5

Overends lunch Menu

Daily Soup/ Broth, house brown bread 6.5

Open Coronation Chicken, toasted almonds, house brown bread, seasonal salads 8.5

Pastrami Sambo, Sauerkraut, seasonal salads (Add Soup 3) 9.5

Salad Plate, house pickles, seasonal salad, brown bread (Add Hummus 2) (Add cold meat/fish 3)10

Quiche, smoked herring, leek, cheddar, selection of seasonal salads 12

Cauliflower Cheese, toasted Almonds, Spinach 12.5

Estate Chicken Pie, tarragon, seasonal salads 14

Whole Grilled Mackerel, salsa verde, seasonal sides 15

Black Angus Beef Sirloin, horseradish, seasonal sides 18


Kids Menu


Mini breakfast: higgins sausage, fried potato and beans 5

From 12

Penne pasta and ‘Cool’ cheese sauce 5

Toasted Ham and cheese sambo 5

Homemade sweet treats

Morning offering

Mixed seed scone 3

Raisin scone 3

Apple crumble muffins 3.5

Blueberry custard brioche 3

Cinnamon buns 3

Flapjacks 2.5


Lunch offering

Mini Paris brest 3.5

Treacle tart 5

Lemon lavender drizzle 3.5

Oatmeal cookie 2.5

Chocolate pistachio tart 5.5

Hazelnut orange biscotti 3 for 2

*Menu is subject to alterations

Soft Drinks

Airfield Seasonal Juice €4.00

Apple Juice  €3.00

Orange Juice €3.00

Airfield Seasonal LassI €3.50

Kids Smoothie €2.00

Glass of Milk €1.00

Still Water €1.50

Sparkling Water €1.50

San Pelligrino Orange or Lemon €2.00

*Menu is subject to alterations

Tea & Coffees

Americano €2.80

Flat White €3.00

Cappuccino €3.20

Latte €3.20

Expresso €2.50

Hot Chocolate €2.80

Tea €2.30

Herbal Tea €2.60

Mocha €3.00

*Menu is subject to alterations

Red Wine

Paul Jaboulet Cotes du Rhone Bottle €28.00 / Glass €7.00

La Postelle Merlot  Bottle €26.00 / Glass €6.00

Vina Morande Pionero Merlot Half Bottle €14.00

White Wine

Paul Jaboulet Cotes de Ventoux Bottle €28.00 / Glass €7.00

La Postelle Sav Blanc Bottle €26.00 / Glass €6.00

Vina Morande Pionero Chardonnay Half Bottle €14.00


Prosecco Snipe €8.50

*Menu is subject to alterations