Parent and Child Cooking Workshops


    Discover the joy of cooking alongside your child at Airfield's delightful Parent & Child Cooking Workshops! Strengthen your bond while empowering your young chef to be kitchen-savvy in this hands-on culinary adventure. Together, you'll embark on a journey of flavours and fun, creating delectable dishes that will leave lasting memories. These workshops are open to any pair of caregiver and child - so any parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent is welcome to accompany the young chef.
    7th October – "Pasta Perfection" - SOLD OUT Learn the art of crafting fresh egg pasta as you and your child create tagliatelle and ravioli with a delicious marinara sauce. This pasta-making workshop will equip you with essential skills, ensuring a delightful pasta dinner you can replicate at home. 30th October – "Halloween Treats" - SOLD OUT Spooky fun awaits in this Halloween-inspired workshop! Bake traditional Irish barmbrack, a sweetened bread dotted with raisins, and let the little chefs create spooky cobweb cupcakes. A Halloween-themed culinary adventure for young and old! 11th November  – "Indian Delights" Indulge in a flavourful experience inspired by the tastes of India. Prepare quick naan breads and a tasty Korma (chicken or vegetables). An easy Indian cookery workshop that brings the magic of Indian spices to your kitchen.  9th December  – "Christmas Yule Logs" - SOLD OUT Get into the festive spirit with a holiday-themed workshop. Bake Christmas Yule Logs from batter to decoration, guided step by step by our chef. An enchanting experience that captures the joy of the season. Taught by the talented Lisa Davies, who shares her passion for real ingredients and seasonal dining with love. Join her culinary journey on Instagram as @SaspanSospan – the Irish and Welsh for saucepan. Let the kitchen be your playground and create cherished memories with your child through the art of cooking. Reserve your spot in our Parent & Child Cooking Workshops today!



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