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Headshot Intern Feature Jireh

Front of House Tourism Intern | Jireh's Story

My name is Jireh Madden, I’m 21 years old and I’m currently studying tourism management in TUD. I’m studying tourism management as I love to travel and I want to work in the tourism industry when I graduate. As part of my internship, I am working in Front of House (FOH) with Caleb and Emily. There I am learning how to operate the front desk by selling tickets and answering phone calls, and emails and dealing with customers.

As part of my internship, I am learning about the management side of Airfield Estate. I get to sit in on the weekly communication meeting every Tuesday which involves each department and we discuss news and information that we have that week. I also had the opportunity to observe the tour guides here at Airfield which I really enjoyed.

The main thing I hope to take away from my internship is to gain more knowledge about visitor attraction sites as well as a deeper understanding of how a visitor site is managed. I believe that this internship at Airfield Estate will help me develop my learning skills and open my mind to future careers.

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