A Cuppa With Kirstie

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    This month's cuppa with features Dr. Kirstie McAdoo, Head of Education & Research at Airfield Estate.

    What is the best thing about Airfield Estate?
    Physically, it’s a breath of fresh air in the city where you can take a deep breath and unwind. But I also love that we’re trying to make the world a better place by learning about what we eat!

    What did you study for the Dr.?
    Cow burps! I looked at how changing a cow’s diet can make it produce less methane and make the meat healthier. It was hard and I didn’t love every minute of it – but its given me an amazing set of skills.

    Do you have a favourite space in Airfield Estate?
    So many!!! But I really love the woodland walk first thing in the morning when you get to see all the inhabitants of Airfield Estate; long-tailed tits, goldcrests, foxes, squirrels and loads of other birds.

    What does the education team do at Airfield Estate?
    So much! School visits, college courses, adult courses - all focused around food and sustainability. But also, the boards around the Estate, staff education, internships, and making sure that everyone knows that food and farming is fun to learn about!!

    What is the best part of your job?
    I LOVE talking, and I get to talk all the time about food, farming and sustainability. I also get to go home most nights hoping that I’ve made the world a little bit better – that’s pretty special too.

    What is the path you took to your current role?
    Winding! I grew up just down the road but did a degree in agriculture in UCD followed by a PhD, then I qualified as a teacher and taught in secondary schools, then came to Airfield Estate as a Farmer, then Education Co-Ordinator and now I’m part of the senior team.

    How long have you been at Airfield Estate?
    8 years!! I started just as we reopened after the redevelopment in 2013 – but I’d actually also worked in Airfield Estate during the summer as a college student – so its been a while!

    Who do you most admire professionally?
    Dolly Parton! Not only a talented singer, but an amazing entrepreneur that has worked hard to provide for herself, her family and does huge amounts of international philanthropic work while all the time being true to herself and not taking any guff. Amazing!

    Thanks so much Kirstie and to everyone who took the time to submit their questions. Keep an eye out on Instagram @airfieldestate for next month's Cuppa With for your chance to ask our team a question or two!

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