EU Soil Research at Airfield Estate

    Our research team at Airfield carries out research in a range of areas from nutrition to consumer behaviour, biodiversity and more.  At the moment Airfield is a research partner on several research projects.  One of these is a multidisciplinary European research project titled SOB4ES (Integrating Soil Biodiversity to Ecosystem Services). This project aims to gather knowledge on soil biodiversity (all the life in and dependent on soil) to allow policy makers to integrate effective soil biodiversity conservation measures into EU legislation.  In order to integrate soil biodiversity and its contribution to ecosystem services (things like storing carbon, cleaning and holding our water, etc.) in EU Policies, SOB4ES will develop a harmonised and cost-effective assessment framework that can estimate the direct and indirect economic values of soil biodiversity per land use type.  This knowledge then enables the identification of priority areas for future ecological restoration and conservation. Airfield is the dissemination partner for this project and will ensure that the project works with stakeholders (we will be sharing the information from the project to the public, farmers, food producers, academia, media and government) at all levels of the food chain.  We will also raise awareness of the project and it’s achievements.  If you are interested in reading more about this project it can be found here

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