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    We are in the ‘in between’ time when the crops of winter are beginning to fade out and new spring season crops starting to kick in.

    The start of the wild nettle season is upon us toward the end of this month. When there is a bit of heat in the sun you’ll find young nettle shoots popping up all over the place. It’s best to let the growing season take hold before picking.

    And when you do pick, take the young nettle tops which keeps the roots there and allows the patch to thrive for an extended growing season. Nettles make great soup, with an iron content like spinach. Nettle tea is also a very healthy drink, full of the minerals of these wild plants.

    During March, you’ll find carrots and parsnips and perhaps Irish cauliflower in some regions. Young spring cabbage is excellent at this time of year. Polytunnel growers may have some mixed salad leaves and oriental spicy leaf mixes. Check out good food shops, farm shops and farmer’s markets for seasonal vegetables!

    This is for anyone who loves making the most of seasonal abundance and wants to eat more sustainably. Download this free planner to see what local fruit and vegetables are in season.Download Free Recipe & Planner

    We know that locally grown seasonal fruit and vegetables are healthier, tastier and have a much lower ecological footprint.  This is a simple way of resetting your kitchen and cupboards and reducing food waste – it’s easy to do and helps the world as much as it helps you.

    So, what can we do?

    This month, make it easy on yourself and do just three things. Not only will this save you money, but you can also get creative with your ingredients and maybe try something you will never have tried before.

    • Firstly, go through your cupboards, fridge and freezer to make a list of all the food you have in your house.
    • Secondly, use that list to create a menu for the coming weeks.
    • Thirdly, make friends with your freezer. Freeze leftovers or excess food for later.

    With so many reasons to eat seasonally, we created this guide to make seasonal eating easier.Download Free Recipe & Planner

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