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    Each home in Ireland is responsible for roughly 10kg of food waste per month. That 10kg of food waste is wasted money, wasted resources and a wasted opportunity! When we throw out food it costs us twice, once to buy the food which we don’t eat, and then again when we pay our bin charges. This equates to a loss of €60 per month on average!

    Not all food waste is avoidable with around 20% being made up of things like banana skins and chicken bones, a further 20% is potentially avoidable (things like bread crusts and potato skins) but a full 60% can be fully avoided.

    This 60% is made up of plate scrapings (try serving only what will be eaten – you can always go back for more), gone off fruit and veg and passed their date perishables (and these can be avoided by careful fridge management and only buying what you need).

    So why not save yourself some money this month and try to waste less food – if you reduce 80% of food waste you could save yourself around €560 a year! That’s a couple of nights in a hotel all because you ate your fruit and veg on time! Simple!

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