Seasonal Meal Planner (September)


    We don’t really tend to think of food waste as being an energy store – but that’s exactly what it is. Back in school you may have learned that energy is neither created or destroyed, it is simply changed from one form to another.

    That means that as our food is grown, harvested, processed, packaged and transported the amount of energy that has gone into it keeps rising. If we then throw out that food, or part of that food, then the energy is wasted. When we put food into the brown bin, it goes off to be industrially composted. This seems like a good use of unused food.

    However, the process results in a huge loss of energy (primarily as heat). In fact, every year the average bin contains enough unrealised energy to produce 500 baths, 3,500 showers or 5,000 hours of television – and that’s just one bin!!!

    So let’s aim to reduce that 80% of avoidable food waste and reduce the amount of energy being lost.

    Share your plans with us by using #AvoidFoodWaste and most of all – have fun!​

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    Seasonal Recipes from Chef Luke Matthews


    • Remove any tough or discoloured outer leaves from the cabbages, then cut them vertically in half and then thinly slice. Weigh the cabbage and place it in a large bowl. Add 2% salt, ½ tsp black peppercorns and ½ tsp caraway seeds.
    • Stir the mixture vigorously with your hands and start to crush the cabbages in your hands.
    • Pack the cabbage tightly into a 2-litre Kilner jar and cover with the liquid that was released. Seal the jar and leave to ferment at warm room temperature for about 5 days; keep away from direct sunlight.
    • The ferment is ready once the cabbage has broken down slightly in texture but still retains a bite, similar to a cooked texture. It should taste sour, not salty.
    • Once ready, the sealed jar can be stored in the fridge for up to 12 months.

    Bread & Butter Pickles

    goes super with everything – cold cuts , cheese, burgers even icecream*  

    5 cucumbers
    1 tblsp sea salt
    2 onions, sliced thin
    1 tsp yellow mustard seeds
    2 tsp tumeric
    400 ml white wine vinegar
    50g caster sugar

    • Cut the cucumbers in half and Slice cucumbers into ½ cm slices and mix witht the sliced onions
    • Add the salt, mix thoroughly and leave for 6 hours in a colander or sieve to allow the water to drain out.
    • Put the rest of the ingredients in a pan and bring to a boil and drop the cucumbers into the liquid and remove from the heat.
    • When cool put them in suitable jars or kilners . Youc an store these out of the fridge for 6 months.

    *don’t put them with ice-cream


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