Seasonal Meal Planner (April)


    So the good news is, that by reducing your food waste you can save yourself cash – around €60 per month – by simply reducing what goes into your brown bin!

    Food waste can be broken down into the following categories:
    60% is Avoidable food waste such as plate scrapings, leftovers, gone off fruit and veg and passed its date perishables. We can control this waste easily by serving smaller portion sizes at meals times and by shopping smarter (like seeing whats in the cupboards, planning meals and bringing a shopping list with us!).
    20 % is Potentially Avoidable food waste – things like bread crusts, potato skins. This waste could be used in another way; crusts could be made into breadcrumbs and then frozen until you need them, or you could have baked potatoes instead of mashed!
    20% is Unavoidable food waste – such as banana skins and chicken bones. We will always have this food waste – and the fact that they can go into your brown bin means that they are not going to end up in landfill and will be composted.

    But why should food go into the brown bin at all? Well, the short answer is that the rotting and breaking down it will do in general landfill will mean the release of methane which is a powerful greenhouse gas. If the food goes in the brown bin – it will be composted, and the nutrients held within it will be returned to the soil (ah – the circle of life!).

    So go on – save the environment and your pocket and aim to reduce the food waste by 80% and save yourself €60 a month!!

    Share your plans with us by using #AvoidFoodWaste and most of all – have fun!​

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