World Soil Day 2022

    Maia Dunphy, her son Tom and Claire MacEvilly, CEO Airfield launching plans for exciting new thematic exhibitions at Airfield Estate, Dundrum set to open in early Spring 2023. Foodscape: Soil Society will be the first in a series of permanent exhibitions focused on sustainable food systems with a mission to educate through a fun and interactive approach, allowing kids and adults to actively explore the wonderful world of soil. The installation will provide a completely immersive visitor experience and given that 90% of all food produced is reliant on soil, the first exhibit has been designed to deliver a true and simple understanding of the richness beneath our feet within the global foodscape. “It has been 10 years since Airfield Estate has had a new visitor attraction and we are thrilled to be opening physical exhibits that will bring to life our ambition of becoming Dublin’s sustainable food hub. Soil is where it all starts in terms of food sustainability and we will be putting the spotlight on what we have been doing at Airfield to protect this very important layer of the earth’s surface. The exhibits will showcase complex global issues in a fun and interactive way, ensuring that critical issues are highlighted, conversations started and the next generation is fully informed. ” said Claire MacEvilly, CEO, Airfield Estate. Now for the science bit: Comprising of a series of interconnecting geodesic domes, the new attraction will use highly visual multi-disciplinary media supported by digital technology including QR codes and touchscreens enabling access to handy toolkits and creative collateral designed to support visitors in their learning journey. Complex issues will be delivered through relatable stories created to engage and excite all ages and start conversations about the future of sustainable food systems so everyone can get really stuck into the story of soil. The self-guided, cross-generational, and universally accessible exhibition will form part of a wider initiative led by Airfield Estate that will include companion exhibitions situated at complementary sites both nationally and globally. Phase 1 Foodscape: Soil Society is set to be completed in early Spring 2023 and further details to be released in the coming weeks.

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