World Of Soil

Welcome to the World of Soil where you can explore the fascinating world beneath our feet.
Discover the importance of soil and its role in sustaining life on our planet. From the tiniest microorganisms to the complex ecosystems that rely on them, the soil is the foundation of our natural world. Our interactive exhibits will take you on a journey through the layers of soil, from its formation to its uses in agriculture and beyond. You'll learn about the different types of soil and their unique properties, and how they are affected by human activity and climate change. With hands-on activities and engaging displays, the World of Soil Exhibition is a fun and educational experience for all ages. Come and discover the secrets of the soil and the vital role it plays in our world. Exhibit entry is included with all tickets! Book now and join us on this exciting adventure into the World of Soil - open now!  

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Activities and messy fun for children!
For our young explorers, the World of Soil isn't just educational—it's also a chance to get their hands dirty and have some messy fun! We offer engaging activities that allow children to interact with soil in exciting ways. Dress for Messy Adventures! We encourage children to fully immerse themselves in the experience, which means they may end up with a little soil on their hands (and clothes!). To make the most of their visit, we recommend wearing old clothes that can withstand a bit of dirt. Alternatively, feel free to bring an apron to protect their clothing while they dig, play, and learn.

Deep dive into a soil mission

Are you ready to be a soil guardian? Help Doug, our hero worm find his way through different layers of soil and back to the World of Soil at Airfield Estate! During each level, test your coordination to help Doug find his way. Be warned, the fascinating world beneath your feet has many layers! Press play now to start your adventure

Deep dive into a soil mission
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