Summer Tour

Summer Tour

Tour Information

Length: 3hrs

Start Time: 9.30am and 10am

We can work with anytime that suits you. We recommend arriving in time to see the milking at 10:30am.

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Tour Details:

We offer a 3-hour guided primary tour (including breaks)

If you would like to use our playground after your guided tour, we recommend a 3.5-hour visit in total.

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Here is some more information about Airfield Estate:

Airfield Estate was the family home of the Overend family. Trevor and Lily Overend purchased Airfield over 120 years ago to give a better, healthier childhood to their daughters Letitia and Naomi. Lily purchased a Jersey cow to provide milk for the family and so started our Jersey herd and the story of producing food from Airfield Estate.

Now, Airfield Estate is the sustainable food hub of Dublin. We continue to produce milk, meat and eggs from our farm and fruit and vegetables in our garden. Nowadays we aim to teach adults and children from all over the country about where food comes from. All food produced in Airfield is used either in our restaurant or in our cooking workshops.

We are a mixed farm so we will learn about the animals that produce food for us – sheep, pigs, poultry, and cows. As we also pasteurise and sell our Jersey milk onsite, the students will learn about the process of taking milk from the cow to the stage where it is ready to drink.

We have a certified organic food production garden which supplies our restaurant. Our gardeners grow a wide variety of fruit and veg including heritage varieties. The students will learn about how the gardeners make compost in their large compost production area. The group can get a behind the scenes look in our polytunnels to see how the gardeners get their plants from seed to fruit and veg ready for harvest.

We encourage questions from students, and these will be answered during the tour. We won’t be able to cover all topics in depth in the time we have so please let us know if you have any topics that you would like us to focus on for you.

The general rundown of the day will be as follows:

  1. Snack break on arrival
  2. Tour of the farm
  3.  Activity of your choice*
  4. Lunch
  5. Tour of food garden
  6. Playground


*Your activity choices are:
1. Minibeast hunt (all ages)
2. Seed sowing (1st class up)
3. Butter making with wheat grinding (1st class up)
4. Mud painting and free play in World of Soil Activity Zone (all ages): The World of Soil is our new interactive exhibit, where students can learn about the importance of soil, the threats to healthy soil, and the pledges that we can all take to protect our soil. The brand-new activity zone outside the exhibit offers students a chance to get their hands dirty learning all about soil!
5. Pond dip (3rd class up)




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