Leaving Cert. Ecology

Leaving Cert. Ecology

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Length: 4hrs

Start Time: 9.30 or 10am

We recommend starting the workshop at 9.30 or 10am and students should bring their own lunches and drinks.

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Tour Details:

For Leaving Cert. Biology students, we offer a LC Ecology field course.

Our LC Ecology field course is a hands-on, scientific look at hedgerow and grassland habitats.
The following topics will be covered: mapping, plant identification, quadrat surveys to calculate percentage frequency and percentage cover, line transects, animal survey, invertebrate identification, food chains, food webs, and pyramids of numbers.

Accompanying adults must arrive with and remain with the group at all times. The minimum number of adult to children ratios are as follows: Secondary 1:24.

Please note: that we no longer accept cash payments for LC visits – bank transfer is preferred, but we can also accept cheques and card payments.

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