TY Sustainability

TY Sustainability

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Length: 3.5hrs

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Our brand-new Sustainability Programme is a 3.5hr visit to Airfield Estate for Transition Year students, to learn about sustainable food production and sustainable cities.

With a focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, the students will embark on a tour of our regenerative farm and organic food gardens followed by a hands-on activity and a guided debate workshop.

During the tour, the students will learn about our solar panels, our food waste digester, our reed bed filtration system, our organic compositing, and our sustainable farming methods.

The first activity will be a maths-based activity, where students will calculate how many people organic vs conventional farms can feed.
The second activity will be a structured debate, where students will be assigned roles, and debate the question of whether all farms should convert to organic.

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