Farm and Woodlands

Our working farm is a great place to learn about how a working farm is run and see the Jersey herd being milked daily.


Our farmyard allows easy access to all visitors to experience the animals, the milking parlour and dairy kitchen. We are a working farm with a milking Jersey herd, as well as sheep, pigs, goats, chickens and donkeys.

The farm also has laying hens including Rhode Island Red Hybrids and fancy fowl such as Legbars and Araucanas that produce blue eggs and Silkies, all of which will supply the restaurant with eggs.

Join us for daily milking of the Jersey Cows at 10.30am. Please click here for more activities and event on the farm.


The hedgerows of Airfield date back to the 17th century and include crab apple, wild pear, cherry and plums to provide a vital source for our wildlife.

They were recently restored to provide “corridors” that allow space for birds, small mammals and insects to live, and travel safely around the farm.


Airfield Estate has long benefited from a diverse range of woodlands.

Over 2,000 native woodland trees were planted to create an oak-ash woodland mixed with hazel, hawthorn, holly, guelder rose, rowan, spindle, wild cherry, blackthorn, dog rose, honeysuckle, birch, crab, bird cherry, whitebeam and wych elm.

Wild Pond

Our wild pond was built in as part of the Airfield’s on-going commitment to habitat development. Since then this tranquil spot has flourished: attracting all kinds of wildlife to the farthest corner of the farm.

Since then dragonflies, damselflies, frogs, ducks, water-hens, coots and even water scorpions have made their homes here.