Ornamental and Organic Food Gardens

The Overend sisters who established Airfield Estate were passionate gardeners and that passion has been carried on ever since by enthusiastic gardeners and designers.

The gardens first came to prominence when renowned local plantsman Jimi Blake was Head Gardener. Like all good gardens, the gardens at Airfield Estate are never static and in 2014 they went under a complete redesign under the guidance of Lady Arabella Lennox-Boyd and Irish designer Dermot Foley.

Airfields Garden team have since put their stamp on the gardens as they continually evolve.

Today the gardens are over 6 acres in size and are composed of diverse garden spaces ranging from an ornamental walled garden, Victorian glasshouse spaces, to an extensive organic certified food garden.

Fresh produce from the gardens are harvested and delivered to the Estates eatery – Overends Kitchen on a weekly basis. The temperate climate of south Dublin accommodates a large variety of plants to be grown on site, which provides all year round interest to a garden visitor.

Ornamental Gardens

Ornamental Gardens Airfield Estate

Wander through the grounds at Airfield Estate and take in the romance and elegance of the walled garden and woodland charm of the tea garden.

Keep an eye out for the ornamental farmstead plants of artichoke, oregano and lavender in the sunken garden at the entrance to the estate.

Organic Food Garden

Food Gardens Airfield Estate

The organic Food Garden is where we share our passion and commitment to the production and consumption of local, seasonal homegrown food.

This garden supplies fresh fruit and vegetables for Overends Kitchen and our boundary hedges provide plenty of food and shelter for birds and wildlife as well.

Greenhouse Garden

Glasshouse Airfield Estate

The Greenhouse Garden is the perfect resting point to stop to sit in the garden and look closely at the planting before exploring the organic food gardens.

Garden Tours

We offer a specialised garden tour of Airfield Estate for groups of 10 or more. Let our expert Horticulturalists give you a brilliant insight into how the gardens have evolved since the Overend Family have lived here up until today!