Both Letitia and Naomi were very successful gardeners and were actively involved in planning, planting and caring for flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Ornamental Gardens

Flowers Airfield Estate


Wander through the grounds at Airfield Estate and take in the romance and elegance of the walled garden and woodland charm of the tea garden.

Keep an eye out for the ornamental farmstead plants of artichoke, oregano and lavender in the sunken garden at the entrance to the estate.

Greenhouse Garden

The Greenhouse Garden is the perfect resting point to stop to sit in the garden and look closer at the planting before exploring the New Food Gardens.

Food Garden

The Food Garden is where we share our passion and commitment to the production and consumption of local, seasonal home grown food.

This garden supplies fresh fruit and vegetables for the Overends Restaurant and our boundary hedges provide plenty of food and shelter for birds and wildlife as well.

Airfield Food Garden